Agile’s DSDM Consortium se transforma en Agile Business Consortium

DSDM Consortium anunció el 5 de octubre de 2015 que se transforma en Agile Business Consortium y lanza el Agile Business Change Framework.

Creo que es un movimiento interesante que puede impulsar un mayor conocimiento de DSDM, un agile framework valioso, pero muy desconocido.

A continuación podéis leer la nota de prensa:

World-leading Agile Framework author and custodian, the DSDM Consortium, announces its evolution to become the Agile Business Consortium and launches the Agile Business Change Framework

5 October 2016. London, UK. The DSDM Consortium – host of London’s annual Agile Business Conference and author and custodian of the world-leading DSDM Agile Framework – this afternoon trumpeted Agile’s arrival as a mainstream method for managing business change when it announced a new identity and a major new Agile approach. The Agile Business Consortium unveiled its new name and look as it launched the Agile Business Change Framework, designed to support businesses and organisations in adopting Agile at any organisational level and on any scale.

The announcement was made to an audience of conference delegates, consortium members and partners during the 2016 Agile Business Conference (#ABC16), being held this week in the City of London.

Agile Business Consortium CEO Mary Henson said: “Some years ago, Agile became the mainstream approach to software and systems development and in those fields it’s now used more than any other approach. Increasingly, businesses recognise the benefits of adopting Agile methods in many different parts of the enterprise but struggle to understand how to enable it, implement it and ensure robust governance.

“The Agile Business Consortium has evolved to address those challenges and, particularly, to develop the Agile Business Change Framework – a new framework that will enable businesses and organisations to take an Agile approach wherever in the enterprise it’s needed and on whatever scale it’s needed.

Building on more than 20 years’ experience in developing DSDM’s highly successful project management and programme management frameworks, the Agile Business Consortium has been developing the new Framework with selected partners and early adopters such as PwC, Tata Consulting and others. It will continue to build a community of like-minded partners to progress the Framework and will provide supportive training through a network of accredited organisations.

Michael C Cooch, partner at PwC, said:
“Why do some businesses seem to respond to challenges so adeptly whilst others struggle – often to the point of failure?  At the heart of many of the most successful businesses is a simple concept – ‘agility’.

“Maintaining competitive advantage now and in the future requires businesses to re-think the way they operate. This involves a focus on reducing organisational complexity and creation of more flexible, scalable and cost effective operating models that are capable of quickly responding to new market opportunities/threats. It is exciting to see this come to life in the Agile Business Change Framework from the Agile Business Consortium. PwC is pleased to have been invited by the Agile Business Consortium to contribute to the shaping of the Framework, and we very much look forward to working with them further in this important area.”

Manav Mehan, Global Agile Consulting Lead, TATA Consultancy Services, said: 
“TCS has worked with the Agile Business Consortium for several years, and has been an active contributor and speaker at the Agile Business Conference. Having previewed their Agile Business Change Framework, we are pleased that it is an innovative and practical framework for effective Business Change at the enterprise level.

“Given our experience leading large enterprise Lean-Agile transformations for large, complex organisations, we see an opportunity to provide long term benefit to business by enabling organisational change management and behavioural transformation.

“We congratulate the Agile Business Consortium on their Agile Business Change Framework and look forward to partner with them on new opportunities.”

Ed Holt, founding chairman of the DSDM Consortium, said:
“There is a real demand for an open, accessible Agile Business Change Framework and the Consortium with its new focus is perfectly placed to drive Agile adoption. I’m delighted to see, after more than 20 years’ of success, the Consortium adopt this new strategy which will help businesses be responsive across the board and not just in the IT department.”

The Agile Business Consortium will continue to be a not-for-profit, vendor-independent membership organisation, working with development partners and training providers, and with the new Framework at its core. It will also continue to support DSDM’s existing suite of products, including associated training and certification.

Mary Henson concluded: “The Agile Business Change Framework will demystify business change, presenting the concept in the simplest, most effective, most Agile way. Whether a change objective is as grand as taking an entire business into a brand new market or as modest as tweaking the features of a product or the characteristics of a service, the Agile Business Change Framework will provide the guidance needed to make it a reality.”

The Agile Business Consortium has a new website at, which includes a launch video, a series of more detailed downloads on the Agile Business Framework and FAQs about the consortium.