Conferencias en 2018

Estos son algunos de los eventos más importantes que se celebrarán en 2018 sobre las disciplinas en las que EvergreenPM trabaja.


Del 1 al 2 de febrero en Bruselas, Open PM2 Conference 2018:

The 2018 PM² Conference is a landmark EU event sponsored by major EU Institutions. This inaugural conference brings together representatives from EU Institutions, Member States’ Public Administration, PM² Practitioners, Service Providers and PM² Methodology Experts to learn from each other and to share experiences in using PM² and rolling-out the PM² Methodology in their organizations.

The Conference will address how PM² can enable better project management in the EU to help organizations deal with challenges of project management performance, collaboration with other organizations, engagement with citizens and complexities of managing service providers and outsourced projects.


Del 19 al 21 de marzo en Londres, Innovation, Business Change & Transformation Conference Europe:

Europe’s Only Conference on Innovation, Business Change & Transformation.  A unique setting to explore and debate the vital connections between innovation, investment, business change, business transformation and leveraging technology.

Del 25 al 28 de marzo en Las Vegas, EE.UU., Change Management 2018:

La Association of Change Management Professions (ACMP) organiza esta conferencia anual para compartir las últimas aportaciones en este campo, explorar las más innovadoras practicas y tendencias y, por supuesto, ofrecer la posibilidad de establecer contactos con otros profesionales .


Del 16 al 18 de abril en Minneapolis, EE.UU., Global Scrum Gathering:

La Scrum Alliance organiza este evento que este año debatirá sobre temas como Champions of Agile, the Community of Agile, Non-Software Scrum, Organizational Transformation, Playing in the Scrum Sandbox, Past, Present and Future of Scrum. Scrum4Hardware, Scrum in Government and Regulated Industries and the Scrum Team.

Del 16 al 18 de abril en Orlando, EE.UU., Project Summit Business Analyst World:

Project Summit Business Analyst World is the largest series of conferences for project managers and business analysts in North America.  These industry leading events feature expert speakers representing every sector, from all reaches of the globe.

From the opening Keynote to the close, ProjectSummit*BAWorld events offers tangible education and non-stop opportunities to learn. You will leave feeling invigorated and motivated, armed with new skills, tools, and techniques that can be immediately applied in your workplace – not to mention an arsenal of new contacts.  PS*BAW places great importance on connecting you with others in your community.

Del 19 al 20 de abril en Riga, Letonia,  7th International Scientific Conference on Project Management in the Baltic States:

Organized by the Research Institute of the Project Management of the Faculty of Business, Management , and Economics, University of Latvia, in cooperation with the Professional Association of Project Managers, the aim of this conference is on scientific research. There is an opening plenary session, parallel sessions, and all abstracts have been double-blind reviewed. The conference is in English.

El 25 de abril, Londres, Reino Unido,  APM Project Management Conference:

This year’s conference is entitled Future Proof, which aims to inspire the profession of today for the challenges of tomorrow. The conference is broken up into three core areas of interest: Mega Trends, Future Proofing: People and Future Proofing: Projects. The object of the conference is for project managers to “future proof” their approach for success.

Del 30 de abril al 2 de mayo en Austin, EE.UU., Deliver:Agile:

Nothing was cited on the site about the 2018 conference, but this must-attend event for the Agile community speaks to new Agile tools and techniques, patterns and practices emerging in the field. Participants learn how to support and evolve their Agile engineering practices as they relate to advances discussed. The three-day conference explores topics such as DevOps approaches, UX design and cloud computing.


Del  7 al 9  de mayo en Berlín, PMI EMEA Congress 2018:

Hosted by the accrediting agency PMI, the EMEA Congress gathers project, program and portfolio managers from around the globe. They are there to discuss best practices, identify new trends and reinforce core industry skills.

Del 16 al 18 de mayo en Ypsilanti, EE.UU. Agile & Beyond:

Agile & Beyond is a grassroots and volunteer-run event that serves to educate on Agile principles and practices. It also covers topics related to Agile. There are approximately 100 sessions packed into the two-day conference, suitable for those new to Agile and also the Agile experts.


Del 4 al 7 de junio en Toronto, Canadá,  Project Summit Business Analyst World:

The second in a series of conferences for project managers and business analysts, this one in Canada, is accredited by both PMI and IIBA. Participants can earn up to 26 PDUs/CDUs. The conferences focus on learning from industry experts and innovators, increasing your productivity and effectiveness, acquiring new skills, strategies and best practices, while offer a chance to network with your peers.

Del 7 al 8 de junio en Las Vegas, EE.UU.,  Agile Leadership Summit:

One of the challenging, real world landscapes for agile transformation is in more regulated environments. For example, the medical and financial domains. While agile is possible in these contexts and can even thrive, it often requires a different sort of leadership skill to guide the introduction and evolution.
And even if you’re not solely focused on agile from a methods perspective, the principles and practices can vastly improve the performance of virtually any regulated organization.
This summit is then largely focused towards these larger and more regulated contexts. Contexts that include:
• Heavier weight requirements and traceability
• Earlier portfolio level valuation and planning
• Longer roadmap forecasts and firmer commitments
• Mostly larger-scale environments with the inherent complexity
We have financial, medical, and large-scale organizations represented with the speakers. And these are folks from the trenches. Who have led and/or coached many successful agile adoption efforts.
Come to this summit to share your experience and hear from seasoned practitioners. It promises to be a dynamic, experience filled, and collaborative experience. It will also be rooted in agile at-scale and real-world agility in very challenging environments.

Del 7 al 8 de junio en Boston, EE.UU., Project Management in Practice:

Located at Boston University, this the 12th annual conference caters to newcomers and certified practitioners alike. Topics range the gamut, from Agile to strategic project management, including soft skills and behavioral competency. The two-day conference is also available online, and PDUs are available for attending.

Del 10 al 12 de junio en Praga, Kanban Leadership Retreat:

The Kanban Leadership Retreat brings together kanban trainers, managers, change agents, and thought leaders in a beautiful location for 3 days to connect on some of the most advanced and innovative concepts in the field of Kanban for better management.  The agenda is planned on the first night of the event.  Bring the topics you want to discuss with Kanban world experts.  Get ready to stretch the boundaries of the Kanban world.

If you want to hear about new developments with Kanban, to affect how we use and teach Kanban, and to build lasting relationships with the best Kanban leaders in the world, this is the event for you.

El 16 de junio en Londres, Reino Unido,  PMO Conference:

The PMO Conference focuses on portfolio, program and project offices. A one-day event offers a full program of expert speakers as well as a conference hall with PMO products and services being exhibited. PMO research, new ideas and techniques and networking are all available.

Del 18 al 20 de junio en Washington, EE.UU., Project Summit Business Analyst World:

The final session of the year in a series of conferences for project managers and business analysts, this one in Canada, is accredited by both PMI and IIBA. Participants can earn up to 19 PDUs/CDUs. The conferences focus on learning from industry experts and innovators, increasing your productivity and effectiveness, acquiring new skills, strategies and best practices, while offering a chance to network with your peers.

Del 25 al 29 de junio en Boston, EE.UU., Agile testing days:

The Agile Testing Days Conference is a festival for the agile community. Network & get deep insights in testing & agile excellence:

  • State of the Art Testing
  • Leadership in Agile
  • Scrum Excellence
  • Techniques & Metrics
  • IT Project Management
  • DevOps
  • Test Automation
  • Mobile & IoT
  • Agile Testing & QA
  • Personal Improvement


Del 11 al 13 de julio en Madrid, España,  22nd International Congress on Project Management and Engineering (ICPME):

The International Congress on Project Manageemnt and Engineering (ICPME) is an international forum for discussion and debate for all Project Management and Engineering companies and professionals, especially those experts, researchers and trainers involved in the formation of future professionals in the field. The organizing committee encourage all interested people to participate actively and share their knowledge and experience in order to contribute to enriching the world of Project Management and Engineering.


Del 4 al 6 de septiembre en Memphis, EE.UU.,  The Digital PM Summit:

Located at the Guest House at Elvis’ Graceland in Memphis, the Digital PM Summit is a two-day conference of presentations, breakout sessions and talks. It welcomes all methodologies and approaches, from Agile to waterfall and hybrid, offering new perspectives in a social networking-friendly environment. There is also an optional half-day workshop on Sept. 4, which requires a separate ticket.

Del 24 al 26 de septiembre en Londres, Business Analysis Conference Europe:

The Business Analysis Conference Europe 2018 will provide an unparalleled networking opportunity for Business Analysts from across Europe and beyond. Whether you are just starting your BA journey, you are an experienced BA or you would like to understand the role of BAs further, this conference is for you.

Del 26 al 27 de septiembre en Londres, Agile Business Conference:

The Agile Business Conference is a major, annual event which provides a single forum for everyone interested in the application of Agile, or moving towards an Agile way of working. This unique gathering of influential Agile practitioners and leaders also brings together senior professionals predominantly from the UK and Europe, including C-suite executives, directors, and managers.

For 2017 the conference theme was Success with Agile in Unpredictable Times, and sessions focused on the three key areas of Transformation & Leadership, People & Culture, and Digital Services.

Unpredictability is a sign of the times. Everywhere you look, people and organizations are struggling to understand what the future might hold. Learn how Agile can help build success during unpredictable times.


El 4 de octubre en Londres, Reino Unido,  Future PMO:

This PMO conference is created by Wellingtone, a PPM consultancy that works with clients across the UK. The organization is both a Microsoft Gold Partner with PPM Specialization and an APM accredited training provider. It’s one-day conference is for practitioners at all levels, and brings together leading experts from across the industry.

Del 6 al 8 de octubre en Los Angeles, EE.UU., PMI Global Conference:

This PMI-hosted event focuses on the evolving role of project management, this conference is open to project, program and portfolio professionals and will discuss new ideas and approaches, while giving participants the opportunity to make new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

Del 22 al 25 de octubre en Londres, Business Process Management Conference Europe


Del 11 al 14 de noviembre en Washington, EE.UU.,  PMO Symposium:

The PMO Symposium gives participants access to executive-level networking, workshops and discussions. Learn actionable insights for organizational executives, PMO leaders and senior decision-makers. The details for the 2018 event have yet to be posted.