Organizational Culture Workshop

 We mention the word culture in our organizations on a daily basis. We say expressions like “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and every day we talk more and more about transformations that imply cultural changes. But what exactly is culture? which are its elements? do you know how to describe the culture of your organization? what models can I use to change it? is it even possible to change my culture? How can we design, more consciously, that desired culture?

With this workshop you will describe the culture of your organization in a much more concrete way, while discovering powerful tools to observe, analyze and create strategies to intervene (or not!… it will be your decision) in your organization’s reality.

Why should we learn about Organizational Culture?

  • – It allows us to understand why certain behaviors and results happen, and why you finding resistance to that change you are trying to adopt.
  • – It enables us to devise more realistic and less invasive actions and interventions to change, and therefore having a more positive impact on the organization.
  • – Real culture’s knowledge generates a common understanding of the organization, breaking down silos, creating greater alignment and generating more assertive strategies.
  • – Being aware culture increases the level of individual and collective responsibility, which fosters more conscious relationships and organizations.
  • – A good understanding of culture allows integrating other areas of knowledge such as HR, agile, project management, etc., having a more holistic vision.
  • – It’s fun and empowering!


18 hours, distributed in 6 sessions of 3 hours each. Schedule: 15:00hrs a 18:00hrs (European Central Time).

Dates: May 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th and 20th, 2021


  • Facilitator and participants connect in real time.

With who?

Maximum 10 participants


This workshop is great for you if…


Your organization is undergoing a transformation and you want to learn tools to have a greater understanding of cultural change.


You are a Leader, Director, Agile Coach, Consultant, Project Manager, HR professional or any role related to leading or fostering your organization's transformation and you want more knowledge in organizational behavior.


You are a psychologist, coach or similar, and want to broaden your vision of individual human behavior towards a more collective scope.


You are passionate about human behavior and organizations, but your background in social sciences is just beginning.


You are curious and want to increase your level of awareness and observation, feeling more personal freedom.


You know some basics about culture but you still don't know how to manage a cultural change challenge.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding what is organizational culture and its foundations. Is culture learned and can we unlearned it? can it be changed? how is it created?
  • Exploring in detail the different cultural elements and their systemic interaction, having stronger insights to describe your own organizational culture:
    • Values: Value identification models (Barrett & Reiss). Ideal vs real.
    • Beliefs: practices to identify them and reframing techniques.
    • Norms and social control: real cultural hacking as a technique of identification and intervention.
    • Language: elements, meanings and stories.
    • Artifacts: tools, practices, material world and symbols.
  • Discovering cultural models that allow us to influence more consciously our reality, under a practical approach.

    • Trompenaars
    • Hofstede
    • Schein
    • Denison
    • Groysberg
    • Laloux
    • Business Agility Institute
  • Understanding the difference between the real culture Vs ideal culture, with tools and tricks to identify them and be able to devise strategies to reduce the gaps.
  • Exploring basic notions of social sciences (quantitative and qualitative methodology), as well as techniques to obtain your culture’s data.
  • Understanding the relationship between leadership and culture: how culture influences leadership and how leadership influences culture.
  • Discovering case studies and references of different organizational cultures.
  • Learning agile frameworks to create mechanisms for managing cultural change and designing your interventions as a change agent.

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